Business consulting

Corporate consulting focuses on rendering professional services in the field of corporate, legal, financial and tax consulting. The most essential are services related to structuring of asset sale/purchase, bookkeeping and taxation, as well as complex support for foreign direct investments in the Russian Federation.

Support of transactions:

  • Complex support for assets disposal and acquisition.

Corporate governance:

  • Representation and support at General Meetings of Shareholders;
  • Representation of owners in executive bodies;
  • Documentary and legal support of management bodies in Russian companies;
  • Prevention of hostile takeovers;
  • Antitrust legislation compliance services; and
  • General analysis and recommendations elaboration on improvement of corporate governance structure.

Support of foreign companies’ business in Russian Federation

  • Complex support for foreign direct investments;
  • State registration of subsidiaries and representation offices;
  • Organization of physical offices or virtual office arrangements;
  • Interaction with local and federal state institutions;
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting services;
  • Arrangement of bank accounts (rubles and/or foreign currency);
  • Initialization and maintenance of custody services.
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